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Hunting Estate Lodge at Record Horn Ranch
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Record Horn Ranch stretches over hundreds of acres in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. When booking a trophy hunting trip, all guests are provided with their own private log cabins. Each cabin is fitted with electric backup heating, bedding, wood stoves and sinks.

Located within our 20-acre breeding area, enjoy Does and Fawns running around camp as you relax.

30 yards away, the main lodge offers electricity, heating, full bathroom facilities, a main dining area, kitchen, and lounge with bar.

On-site chef

On-site Chef

At Record Horn Ranch our meals are prepared fresh and delicious every day by our on-site Chef. Enjoy flavors that complement the game and celebrate your trophies.

If you or someone in your party have special dietary requirements, we will be happy to accommodate you with prior notice. To learn more about our lodging and cuisine, contact us.

Private cabins at Record Horn Ranch
staying warm by the campfire
Cabins under Northern Lights in Canada
Hunt Services and Accommodations

What is included in your hunt:

Experienced and Talented Guides

Meat Export Permits

For those wishing to return home with their bounty, we provide all necessary export permits and paperwork. 

Use of Shooting Range and Archery Target

SCI Scoring and Trophy Photo

Record Horn Ranch

Note: Entering and leaving Canada with firearms requires a declaration. Click Here for the forms required by the Canadian Firearms Center. A $30 CAD fee will be charged for declaration. Bows and Crossbows are exempt.

You may also borrow a rifle from us at no additional cost.

What is not included in your hunt:

Specialty Drinks

While we will have a selection of beer, wine and spirits available, guests are welcome to bring their own specialty drinks.

Supplementary Export Permits ($50)


Hunters have the option of leaving trophies with us to mount and ship at a later date. Record Horn Ranch works with several renowned taxidermists; however, hunters are also free to use their own preferred taxidermist.

Many airlines allow traveling with antlers, please check with your provider prior to your trip.

Note: Taxidermy services are not included in hunt packages.


We believe tipping is something not to be imposed or mandatory, but something earned based on the quality of service. If you feel our staff and guides have provided you with service above and beyond, the industry standard tip is 10% of the total hunt cost.

Majority of your tip will go to the guide, remaining will be split amongst the other staff that assisted in your hunt.

If you feel your guide does not deserve a tip, please let us know.

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If you have questions about our services and accommodations, please call us or send an email.