Trophy Hunting in Canada

Whitetail Deer, Fallow and Elk

Record Horn Ranch is a privately managed hunting preserve.
Be one of the very lucky hunters to join us.

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Record Horn Ranch Deer

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Holding world record class in Typical Whitetail bucks, look no further than Record Horn Ranch for your trophy of a lifetime.

Since 2007, Record Horn Ranch has managed its deer herd by supplementing them with the highest quality feed, managing top Canadian genetics, and controlling the hunting pressure, to allow our bucks a chance to mature to their full potential.

Our Whitetails are home grown, they are born and spend their entire lives on our ranch. They develop skills to avoid hunters the same as they would in the wild. We do not believe in the “buy them on Tuesday, hunt them on Thursday” philosophy.

This process has yielded wild trophy class bucks.

Our Whitetail Deer hunts are all fair chase and range between 145” up to 300+” antler growth.

We invite you to be the 1 in 5 million.
The opportunity to harvest a 200” Whitetail in the wild is less than 1 in 5 million.
Fallow Deer

Trophy Fallow Deer Hunts

Having once roamed the grasslands of Europe, you can expect our Fallow Deer to be first class. Our deer boast massive dark chocolate antlers, reaching upwards of 300”, and can be found in all four of their color variations.

Our Fallow Deer hunts are also, all Fair Chase.

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Trophy Elk Hunts

An Elk hunting experience like no other is what Record Horn Ranch has culminated over the past 18 years.

A diverse property of spruce swamps, tall timber, rolling hills, and creeks, provides the challenge you’ll face as you hunt mature wild bulls.

Our Elk hunts are all Fair Chase and range between 330” up to 700” antler growth.

Species of Elk offered:
  • Rocky Mountain Elk
  • Roosevelt Elk
  • Manitoban Elk

Professionally Managed Services

Our experienced guides lead hunters of all skill levels to success. Hunters may choose to hunt with a rifle or bow.

Our guides accommodate the use of traditional spot and stock hunting, still hunting, spacious elevated luxury heated blinds, or strategically placed ground blinds for close encounter bow shots.

Rattle in a big buck or bugle in the bull of your dreams.

Services Include:

  • Meat and Trophy Care
  • Initial Export Permits
  • Bedding, Food, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • SCI Scoring and Trophy Photo

For more information on accommodations and camp life, visit our Lodging & Amenities page.

Ground Blind

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Deer hunting in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada boasts world-record breaking trophies. Book your fair chase hunting experience today.